Our Team

Michael Sheeran  |  Vice President of Operations 

Joe Larkin  |  Chief Financial Officer 

Nate Germond  |  Accounting & IT

Michaela O'Brien  |  Area Director of Operations

Stephanie Cudney  |  Director of Sales 

Dylan LetendreSales Manager
Homewood Suites by Hilton | Comfort Inn & Suites

Lilly HuntSales Coordinator
Holiday Inn Express | Smart Suites Ascend

Emily Smith | Sales Coordinator
Fairfield by Marriott 

Amanda Owen | Sales Coordinator
Holiday Inn Express & Suites | White River Inn & Suites

John Cammarano 
General Manager | Homewood Suites by Hilton 

Traci Boyer 
General Manager | Comfort Inn & Suites 

Aaron Morris 
General Manager | Holiday Inn Express

Michael Sumner
General Manager  | Fairfield by Marriott 

Lester Alexander 
General Manager  | Smart Suites Ascend

Holly McKnight 
General Manager  | Smart Suites on the Hill

Ron Dwinell 
General Manager  | Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Jaimie Keirstead 
General Manager  | White River Inn & Suites